Packaging labels

  • Roll stickers or sticker sheets for machine or manual application
  • Choosing materials: self-adhesive paper or synthetics (PP, PE, PVC)
  • Additional protection by varnishing or lamination, if required
  • Flexibility in terms of shape and size
  • Suitable for all types of packaging: plastic canisters and cans, plastic and glass jars, bags, paper or cardboard boxes, etc.
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Self-adhesive packaging labels

The contemporary era, the era of large-scale industrial production is also characterized by side effects, such as increased traffic volume and mass consumption. Transport of goods in such conditions is of key importance, so large resources are allocated to the service sector. One of the main pillars in this segment, in addition to motor fuels, is certainly the industrial production of oils and lubricants, intended for a variety of needs.

In addition, there are many by-products obtained by additional processing of basic foods in the oil and lubricants industry, but also many other substances intended for industry or mass consumption, which cannot be packaged, transported or sold in the usual way. Since these are products that can be liquid, viscous, partially or completely solid, special packaging is used for them. These are, above all, various canisters, boxes, cardboard packaging, aluminum cans and the like. Of course, in all cases it is necessary to quickly and unambiguously recognize the content, without opening the packaging, for which our self-adhesive labels will be ideal.

What do we offer, what kind of packaging labels do we make?

Self-adhesive labels for packaging for oils and lubricants, canisters, as well as all types of non-standard packaging, which can be of regular shape and size, but also manufactured in a different way, if our business partners request that. As with other types of labels, which are used for frequently used products, here you can either opt for uniformity (in the case of mass production or sale) or something unusual (when you produce and sell in small batches some of the products packaged in these types of non-standard packaging).

Under what conditions can self-adhesive packaging labels be used?

The temperature at which our labels can be used ranges from -20 to +90 degrees Celsius, which makes them an ideal choice for oils and lubricants, canisters and other packaging. They are extremely resistant to temperature variability, so their use will be safe in terms of "sweating" and similar negative phenomena during storage and transport of goods.

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